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Virtual Class

  • Are you a working professional who is not able to find time to learn?
  • Are you tired of travelling for classes?
  • Do you want to maintain work-life balance by learning VBA but not able to find right classes?
  • Do you want to have in-classroom  experience even when you are studying remotely?

If answer to any one of the above question is in Yes then you need to enroll for our Virtual Class. In our state of art virtual class we thrive to provide experience similar to that of physical classroom.

Our Strength:

We can provide you customized training for Excel and VBA (Click Here to view available courses), Professional Courses like CA and CFA(US) on your request at affordable rates.

If you are a corporate then we can give you customized training remotely so that you can use your own training room to organize the seminar. This not only saves time and cost on your part but also gives you amazing learning experience through interactive channel. We do not provide you pre-recorded lectures so you do not have to worry about having your questions unanswered.

For more information please fill out the contact form over here or call us at 9867732904 or send a mail to