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What We Do

What we do
We make your a Pro! Yes that’s right, we help you get that extra edge in today’s competitive world.

We are pleased to introduce special classes on Advance Excel and VBA Macros. There are many classes in market for Excel VBA So What is special about us ?

Well we are India’s first institute where practical part of the syllabus is determined by students!

We know exactly how you really feel when you learn something which is totally irrelevant for you and that too you come to know after paying for it!!!

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Now let’s understand how does this work. First of all, before the new batch starts, students share their real life, on the job problems and difficulties. They submit requirement in excel file with detailed problem definition and objectives. Exactly those problems are solved in the practical session making you feel confident and efficient in your daily work routine. You will not believe but in real life, the programmer will charge much more to solve your on the job practical problem than what you will pay to learn and solve it in the classroom!

Moreover I can tell you from my experience that this model works really well in corporate training where corporate can really gain from automation of unproductive repetitive activities and boost employee motivation.

I can assure you that with VBA one can really do entire day’s work in 5 minutes like a pro in Excel and unleash the hidden productivity. This will not only help you maintain good work-life balance but will also enable you to enjoy your work.

Apart from this Excel VBA training we also offer other professional training and consultancy service as mentioned in “What we offer” section.

So ready to be a pro . . . .

Vikram Pandya


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